13 April 2015

Spinosaurid dinosaur tooth

This is a spinosaurid tooth recovered during the excavations in the vertebrate fossil site called "Camino de la Algecira", from Ladruñán, Teruel province.

This fossil locality is a vertebrate skeletal concentration with disarticulated bones and teeth of several individuals. Dinosaur bones are the most frequent remains, with at least two undetermined dinosaur taxa (iguanodontian and theropod). Crocodylomorph teeth and scarce osteichthyan remains are also present. In addition to the vertebrate remains, plant remains and internal casts of freshwater bivalves are profuse. Oyster remains sometimes encrust the bone surfaces.

Some articles on this Barremian fossil site:

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Gasca, J.M. 2011. Conociendo a los dinosaurios de Ladruñán. Peirón, 21, Centro de Estudios del Maestrazgo Turolense, 16-22. DOWNLOAD

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