16 June 2015

New dinosaur fossils from the Mirambel Formation

New dinosaur fossils (ornithopods and sauropods) have been described in the Lower Cretaceous of Spain. In the picture an overview of the Lower Cretaceous badlands (Wealden facies) where one of the fossil sites is placed, in the Ladruñán anticline. The relief on the background consist of Upper Cretaceous marine limestones. This is the "Barrancada del Convento" site which has provided an isolated ornithopod phalanx. The short papers are available here:
Gasca, J.M., Canudo, J.I. 2015. Sobre la presencia de Sauropoda (Dinosauria) en la Formación Mirambel (Barremiense inferior, Teruel, España). Geogaceta, 57, 59-62. DOWNLOAD
Gasca, J.M., Ramón del Río, D., Moreno-Azanza, M., Canudo, J.I. 2015. Fósiles aislados de dinosaurios ornitópodos (Iguanodontia) de la Formación Mirambel (Cretácico Inferior, Teruel, España). Geogaceta, 57, 63-66. DOWNLOAD

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