25 August 2015

European iguanodont dinosaurs: the Spanish Delapparentia turolensis vs the English Barilium dawsoni

Delapparentia turolensis Ruiz-Omeñaca, 2011 was the first ornithopod erected in the Lower Cretaceous of Spain. It is described on the basis of a partial postcranial skeleton discovered in the 1950s near the village of Galve (Teruel Province), within the Camarillas Formation (Barremian). Recently, new remains have been recovered and described. Delapparentia turolensis is a large-sized, basal iguanodont which presents an autapomorphic, unusually high axial neural spine and a unique combination of postcranial characters. The ilium morphology differs from that of other basal iguanodonts and relates Delapparentia to the Valanginian Barilium dawsoni from England, with whom it shares two synapomorphies.

Gasca, J.M., Moreno-Azanza, M., Ruiz-Omeñaca, J.I., Canudo, J.I. 2015. New material and phylogenetic position of the basal iguanodont dinosaur Delapparentia turolensis from the Barremian (Early Cretaceous) of Spain. Journal of Iberian Geology, 41 (1), 57-70. DOWNLOAD HERE