30 October 2015

Vertebrate microfossils from the Camarillas Formation

Vertebrate microfossils from the locality of El Espeltar, Camarillas Formation, Teruel province, Spain: isolated teeth of crocodylomorphs (a-f: goniopholidids, atoposaurids and bernissartids); g-h- osteichthyes (g-h) and chondrichtyes (i).Vertebrate microfossil accumulations are frequent in some layers from the Wealden facies of the Galve subbasin such as those from the lacustrine El Castellar Formation. However they are not as abundant in the overlaying Camarillas Formation, with dominantly fluvial character and Barremian in age.

Gasca, J.M., Moreno-Azanza, M. y Canudo, J.I. 2011. Dientes de dinosaurios en el Barremiense de Allepuz, Teruel. Viajando a mundos pretéritos (eds. Pérez-García, A., Gascó, F., Gasulla, J.M. y Escaso, F.), Ayuntamiento de Morella, 145-155.DOWNLOAD