24 June 2019

Updating the stratigraphic framework of the Maestrazgo basin along the Jurassic-Cretaceous transition

Investigations into the southeast Iberian Rift System (i.e., the Maestrazgo Basin) in recent decades have contributed to a progressively increasing understanding of the stratigraphic framework of the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous synrift successions present in specific key areas at certain time intervals. In particular, the uppermost Jurassic–lowermost Cretaceous marginal-marine to shallow-marine successions of the Maestrazgo Basin have been studied in successive regional works.

Now, sequence-stratigraphic, biostratigraphic and strontium-isotopic data have made it possible to update what is known of the stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution of the Kimmeridgian–Berriasian synrift successions recorded in four subbasins (Aguilón, Oliete, Morella, Galve) of the central Iberian Rift System (NE Spain). The studied successions are arranged in three unconformity-bounded synrift sequences. The last work includes the formal definition of a new lithostratigraphic unit: the Cedrillas Formation -this unit was previously included in the lower part of the Villar del Arzobispo Fm-.


Aurell, M., Badenas, B., Canudo, J.I., Castanera, D., García-Penas, A., Gasca, J.M., Martín-Closas, C., Moliner, L., Moreno-Azanza, M., Rosales, I., Santas, L., Sequero, C., Val, J. 2019. Kimmeridgian–Berriasian stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution of the central Iberian Rift System (NE Spain). Cretaceous Research, xx, xxx-xxx. DOI: 10.1016/j.cretres.2019.05.011
Outcrop of the upper part of the Aguilar del Alfambra Formation (lower Berriasian), near Cerezos section.

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